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Tales From the Campfire

Episode 15: Raising the Stakes

Air Date: 6/15/19; BLTV; Rated TV-PG (Emotional Thor, lazy sled dogs); Starring Beith and those other guys

The tent stake is stuck, and neither man nor woman nor machine nor Alaskan sled dog can remove it.

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Welcome to Tales From the Campfire

Literally every campfire tale in history has featured these three things: sushi pizza, time-traveling presidents and a talking spacecat.

Wait, your campfire doesn’t? Then you’re in for a treat, kid.

Wait, you don’t like being called kid? Then you’re in for a treat, human.

Wait, you aren’t a human? Then you’re in for a treat, carbon-based life form.

What were we saying? Oh, yeah. Campfires.

We hope you enjoy the latest episode of Tales From the Campfire, brought to you by your friends at Pepper Packet Pizza. Pepper Packet Pizza: We don’t guarantee it’s warm, but we guarantee it’s pizza™.

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