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Blazin' Blazor

Blazor isn't called a "raging raptor" for nothing. It hunts, attacks, guards and defends with more than enough attitude. High-tech sensors help it avoid obstacles, detect movement, interact with other Blazors and obey your every command. ($39.99)

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11 Comments on Blazor

  1. i have one that is white

  2. I want him for christmas because I need him to keep leah and gizmo from fighting(there my younger siblings and gizmos a cat).

  3. he looks too cool

  4. I would like to tell it what to do

  5. 2 cool

  6. u cool

  7. Anonymous // October 26, 2010 at 8:23 pm //

    How do we buy it????

  8. it even looks cool!

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