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Take a Look at These 7 Wacky Flashlights

Check out our photos of weird and unusual headlamps and flashlights. Each one is both a fun and effective way to light up your Scout outing.

Transformers: This cute flashlight transforms into a lantern with feet that act like a tripod.

Tripod Lamp: The bendable legs on this lamp can be twisted into any shape to hang or mount the light on most surfaces.

Stocking Cap Lights: A wearable headlamp embedded in a stocking cap can keep your head warm while it lights up the area.

Magnetic Mounts This light is studded with magnets to mount it on metal surfaces.

Flashlight Gloves: Embedding LED lights in the fingertips can be super helpful for close work or tight areas.

Prehistoric Lights: Dinosaur headlamps are the coolest headlamps!

Bright Bugs: By twisting the insect-like legs in this small light, it can be placed wherever you need it.

Vintage Flashlight: This army-style flashlight can be slipped onto a belt for hands-free use.

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