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Programming merit badge FAQ

Q: Can I Use my own headphones?
A: Yes

Q: Can I skip watching the video and just do the project if I already know how?
A: Yes

Q: Can I skip watching the video if I have already watched it and just do the project?
A: Yes

Q: Can I preview the videos/activities before entering the tent?
A: YES!! Just scan the QR codes posted to watch the entire activity!

Q: Will you give me a Blue Card?
A: We will provide a certificate identifying the requirements completed, you can take that back to your troop and get a blue card made using that.

Q: Can I bring a Blue Card back from my Troop for you to sign?
A: Yes.

Q: Which requirements will I do here?
A: You will have an opportunity to complete Requirements 5a, 5b, 5c, 5d (the programming requirements). If you would like to do the other requirements on your own time (Safety, careers, history, etc) and come back – we will be happy to work with you if we are not busy.

Q: Which industries will we be programming for?
A: Robotics, Factory Automation, and Embedded

Q: How are you measuring and displaying the temperature?
A: We are using a factory automation controller from AutomationDirect – ask us and we’ll show you how it works!

Q: Can I only do one or two of the stations and do the rest at home?
A: Yes

Q: Can I show you a program I wrote in a different language and get credit for that?
A: Yes – if a counselor is on hand that can work with you. Be prepared to show the counselor how to make a change to the program.

Q: Can I get the Authors to sign my book?
A: Yes. We have two of the original authors here.  Ask for Rick Folea in the Programming Merit Badge tent and James Francisco in Technology Quest.

Q: Where can I see the Programming Merit Badge Requirements?
A: At the Programming Merit Badge Website: