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Scout Life Arcade

Anytime! Anywhere! Any device! Play fun Scout Life games on your tablet, smartphone or computer. Fun and safe video games for the whole family!

Cat Stack

Can you fit these bitty kitties into the puzzle purrfectly? Try your best and remember, just because cats have nine lives doesn’t mean you do!

Bike Blitz

Experience the thrill of competitive cycling! Customize your bike and race through Italy, France and Spain in this fun game.

Scout Life Jigsaw Puzzles

We've turned some iconic Scout Life covers and photos into challenging jigsaw puzzles. Can you solve them?

Cheese Patrol 2: Cat Attack!

Cheese Patrol is back, and it's even cheesier! Help your mouse buddy rescue his friends by finding the keys, collecting coins and avoiding the cats.

Gravity Botz

Use your gravity controls to help your bot escape the space station.

Big Game Kicks

Use your kicking skills to put the football through the uprights.

Cheese Patrol

Help your mouse buddy munch his next meal in this puzzling new game.

Pedro’s Parking Puzzle

Philmont's parking lot is too full. Can you unscramble all the parked cars in this brain-teasing puzzle game?

Stack Attack

Do you have the skills, accuracy and quickness to stack the boxes and beat the game?

Wizard Westy

It'll take strategy, skill and a little magic to beat all the levels in our newest game.

Monster Match

Is your memory strong enough to find the hidden monsters?

Pedro’s Nitro Derby

Collect nitro boosts as you race your car on nine challenging courses in Pedro's Nitro Derby.

Soccer Sprint

Guide the soccer star as he dodges, ducks and jumps through the SL stadium.

Brixx Puzzles

Solve 60 levels of brain-teasing puzzles in this challenging new game.

Pedro’s Flight Academy

Train with Pedro as he pilots his airplane through trees, forest fires, rescue missions and even UFOs in our newest game.

Philmont Mini-Bear Dash

Help one of Philmont Scout Ranch's infamous mini-bears gather food as it leaps from tree to tree in the Philmont Mini-Bear Dash.