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9 Pinewood Derby Photo Contest Entries You Have to See

The major thrills of Pinewood Derby come from a celebration of all things Cub Scout, like friendship, leadership, and learning. That’s why we want to recognize nine Pinewood Derby Photo Contest competitors who embody the spirit of the competition. These cars may or may not have been the fastest on the track, but they definitely wave the banner of good Scouting. See if you can relate to a few of these quintessential Pinewood Derby moments. 1. The thrill of watching your car cross the finish line:


Submitted by Anne Locher

  2. Sharing the joy of racing with your brother:

Submitted by Kara Richardson

  3. Remembering the race is about having fun and being a good sport:

Submitted by Kevin Fuller

  4. When your Pinewood Derby car turns out even better than you imagined:

Submitted by Ryan Kiechle

  5. The rush of pulling off a big win:

Submitted by Melissa Pullen

  6. When your car speaks to all the smartphone-loving hearts:

Submitted by Wendy Mercaldo

  7. Watching your car go so fast you can’t keep your eyes on it:

Submitted by Ellen Kehs

  8. Being in the zone:

Submitted by Melissa Gutierrez

  9. And celebrating alongside your best friends:

Submitted by Nicole Giuliano

Thank You, Pinewood Derby Photo Contest Entries

Your photos make for an awesome glimpse into what makes this legendary race so fun! And while Pinewood Derby season may be coming to a close, stay tuned for racing news all year long – you may even see your own picture featured in a blog post, Facebook post, or on Instagram. Follow our channels, keep an eye out, and happy racing!