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Six Pinewood Derby Cars That Will Make You Hungry!

Pinewood Derby isn’t always about the speed. Creativity counts for a lot. But there’s something about these creative Pinewood Derby cars that made us hungry, real fast! See for yourself! 1. The Sandwich Derby! They say Pappa was a rolling stone, but we’d rather chomp on this Rolling Hoagie! And is it just us or does that bread look shockingly real? From Instagrammer @jojosuds. sandwich 2. The Pizza Derby Finally a piece of pizza with the perfect amount of pepperoni! Oh never mind, it’s a Pinewood Derby car. From Instagrammer @thejoshstanley. pizza 3. Mr. Speedbar Here’s the sequence of events in turning a candy bar wrapper into a Pinewood Derby decal. Instagrammer @camelcola denied where the actual chocolate went, however. mr goodbar 4. Ready for s’more? Here’s to hoping the track was made of graham crackers, and the landing pad was marshmallows! From Instagrammer @chipketelaar. hershey 5. Breakfast to go. Well there went breakfast. Let’s just hope the dish didn’t run away with the spoon! From Instagrammer @lnlnguyen. baconeggs2 6. Breakfast on the double! It seems bacon and eggs might have been a theme this year. Let’s just hope that they were carried to the Pinewood Derby track in that pan! From Instagrammer @swankyswell baconeggs