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Welcome to the 2020-21 Boys’ Life Mini-Mag

Below you’ll find links to the first-ever, all-digital Boys’ Life mini-magazine.

What is the Boys’ Life mini-mag? It’s all you need to know about joining Cub Scouting and subscribing to the best youth magazine — for boys and girls.

Download your new mini-mag here:

Parents! Share the mini-mag with your kids. Read with them. Learn with them. Laugh with them. Subscribe to Boys’ Life here for just $12 per year.

Scout leaders! The Boys’ Life mini-mag recruiting tool is now available in a digital format, helping you deliver the recruiting message during a time when in-person meetings could be limited or not possible. Here are some tips to get the most out of your mini-mag and recruit more youth:

  • Get mini-mags into the hands of your unit membership chairs for distribution at Scout nights, kid talks, craft fairs, field days or other community events.
  • Offer a mini-mag or two to current Cub Scouts and older Scouts, encouraging them to share it with non-Scouting friends.
  • Use the mini-mag in addition to your recruitment fliers for a stronger marketing effort.
  • Keep a cache of mini-mags in the council office and with each district and unit membership chair or district executive to use in recruiting throughout the year.
  • Make sure all your youth subscribe to Boys’ Life, the magazine that has been proven to help youth advance and to increase retention of members.

But what about my female Cub Scout? You’ll see that Boys’ Life is great for both boys and girls. Just check out our pages. Even more: Subscribe now to be one of the first to get the next generation of Boys’ Life (sorry, no spoilers here).

You’ll also find the mini-mag — and tons of back issues — in our brand-new app.