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8 Fishing Knots to Know

A novice fisherman will hit the water armed only with the knowledge of an overhand knot. A real angler wouldn’t dare venture out with such a limited arsenal.

Different situations call for different knots. The knots needed for tying fishing line to a hook are different from the knots needed to join two sections of line together.

To be prepared for anything, learn these knots before you hit the water.

(for tying line to a hook)

1. Thread the line through the eye of the hook, then make 5 to 7 wraps around the line with the loose end.

2. Thread the loose end of the line through the loop closest to the eye, then back around inside the loose section of line.

3. Pull both ends of the line until tight.

4. Trim the loose end of the line if necessary.

(for tying line to a hook)

1. Double your line to make a loop, then push the loop through the eye of your hook.

2. Tie a loose overhand knot.

3. Pass the loop around the end of the hook and pull on the line to tighten.

(for tying thin line to a small hook)

1. Run the line through the eye of the hook, then tie a loose double overhand knot in the end of the line.

2. Pass the open loop over the hook and tighten the whole thing so that the loop tightens around the eye.

(for joining two sections of line together)

1. Line up the ends of each line together for several inches, then wrap the first line around the second at least five times.

2. Wrap the second around the first at least five times, and bring both loose ends back to the middle between the two lines.

3. Pull tight on each line until the knot is snug.

(for forming a loop in the end of a line)

1. Fold over the end of the line to make a double line, then tie a single overhand knot.

2. Pass the loop through the hole in the overhand knot one more time.

3. Moisten the knot and tighten.

(for attaching wire line to monofilament)

1. Fold four inches of wire line back over itself to form a bend at the end of the line.

2. Run your monofilament line through the middle of the bend, then wrap it once around the bottom of the bend.

3. With the monofilament, make seven close turns around both lines.

4. Pass the loose end of the monofilament above the center strand of monofilament and below the wire line, then pull snug.

(for attaching line to a leader loop, or snelled hook to the line)

1. Pass the end of the line through the loop, then make a simple sheet bend knot.

2. Pass the end of the line back through the loop of the sheet bend.

3. Tighten until snug.

(for attaching monofilament to a hook)

1. Pass the end of the line through the eye of the hook twice, creating a loop that hangs alongside the hook.

2. Wrap the loop around the hook, forming tight coils, 5 to 10 times.

3. Holding the coils in place with one finger, pull the line up until the loop is snug under the coils.

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  1. Fantastic. I’ve lost a lot of good sized fish by using incorrect knots.

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    Thanks all the info on the knot’s very helpful

  5. The illustrations and explanations are excellent. Older Boy’s Life magazines had an article about knot-tying in each issue. I cannot find a similar article in current magazines. Am I just missing it somewhere? Personally, I think it would be helpful to have knot-tying articles.

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  8. Thanks. These are all the knots you need. There are lots more, but they all do the same thing.

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  11. All of these knots are very important to fishing. Not mentioned here, Always remember to wet the line when pulling your knot tight. Very important!!!. Real fishermen wet the knot with their spit and make sure that the knot is “snugged up” properly.

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  13. Can someone respond if this is a merit badge required knot list?!?!?!?

  14. I wish they would make a knot-tying badge

  15. Check out KNOT WARS on your computer or the app. It breaks these down better and adds 8 more knots as well.

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    i know some of them but i dont get the snell knot

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  18. After reading years of fishing mags,no one has condensed the best
    knots as well as this. Thanks.

  19. I have a pond in my backyard. This was really helpful. All i knew was the fisherman knot and granny knots. Thanks!!!!

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    very helpful for fishing merit badge

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  22. the only one i knew before this was the improved clinch knot(fishermans knot)

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    sweet know i can fish like an expert and also if you guys like survival stuff you should read the hunger games

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