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15 Insanely Creative Pop Culture References in Pinewood Derby Cars

Scouting has been around a long time, so of course it often pops up in our entertainment and popular culture. While, obviously, no one is “stuck on” Webelos for losing Pinewood Derby, like George Costanza claimed in an episode of Seinfeld, it’s fun to relate to a Scouting reference when we hear it from such unexpected places.

But the references go both ways. Every year we see a bumper crop of these pop culture references that make their way to the Pinewood Derby speedway. And every year we at the Cub Hub delight in seeing so many nods to movies, video games, viral videos and anything else that captures the collective attention of the Scouting community. As we’ve been diving into all your Pinewood Derby photos on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and in our 2015 Pinewood Derby Photo Contest gallery, we’ve picked a few cars that highlight some of the best pop culture references we’ve seen hewn out of a simple block of wood. Truly the creativity of the Digital Pack knows no limits! 1. If you have a Cub Scout you know this truth: Cub Scouts LOVE Minecraft. There’s even a list at Boys’ Life of 100 Minecraft-themed Pinewood Derby cars. The paint job on this one impressed us. Nice detail!


Via @misasongbird

  2. Nothing this angry has ever made us so happy! Angry Birds as Pinewood Derby, yes please!

angry birds

Via @joydancer

  3. He might live in a pineapple under the sea, but you’ll find Sponge Bob at the Pinewood Derby racetracks this year!


Via @mb_dana

  4. We’ve seen Star Wars-themed Pinewood Derby cars of all kinds, but this might be the first time we’ve seen a reference to Han Solo frozen in Carbonite. Bravo!

han solo

Via @barrand

  5. This picture is a two-for-one. Star Wars and Minecraft! Actually a perfect marriage if we say so ourselves.


Via @spiderbitecarlton

  6. We’re not sure if this one made it to the track, but this uncanny Dumb and Dumber reference made us LOL!


Via @ashezart

  7. We think there’s a double reference here. Want a “Clue?” Batman did it, in the Kitchen, with the Candlestick!

batman checker

Via @mandy_b5

  8. A Pinewood Derby TARDIS disguised as a Dr. Who, Police Call Box TARDIS! The potential is dizzying!



  9. Quick on the draw, Big Hero Six might be a new movie, but it’s made its way over to the Pinewood Derby already. Here’s Baymax himself, on wheels.


Via @amegalilife

  10. A rather “Nightmarish” car driven by Jack Skellington himself. This was probably Tim Burton’s childhood Pinewood Derby car dusted off for 2015!


Via @the_rmfl

  11. Of course no pop culture list can be complete without at least one Frozen reference. Good thing for Olaf, the race isn’t in summer!


Via @pvanepps

  12. Now here’s a “dynamite” duo of Minecraft-themed Pinewood Derby cars. We love the accuracy in the shades of color on Minecraft Steve. So realistic!


Via @wonchalk

  13. We can’t figure out why this Minecraft Creeper is so unhappy, he’s just the right weight for the Pinewood Derby racetrack!


Via @lurchbird

  14. Ever heard of a Pinewood Derby surf board? For the Silver Surfer no less! Impressive!


Via @pz9jrr

  15. Star Wars is the evergreen pop culture reference in Cub Scouts, and we love it. We can hear this R2D2 beeping all the way down the track at its Intergalactic Pinewood Derby.


Via @joydancer

  Did we miss some great pop culture references at your Pinewood Derby this year? Post your photos below! The more the merrier. Also, remember to submit your Pinewood Derby-themed photo in our Pinewood Derby photo contest, now extended through the end of February. Check out the gallery and Submit your photos by clicking here.