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Write a Funny Caption For This Photo

What’s going on in this picture? What is that shark doing or thinking?

If you can think of a funny caption for this photo, just post it in the comment form at the bottom of this page. After we approve it, your funny caption will be on this page for everyone to read.

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20 Comments on Write a Funny Caption For This Photo


  2. Who needs fins when you have a board

  3. Row, row, row your surfing board, gently down the ocean! Don’t you scream otherwise you’ll be eaten…..Don’t crash!!!

  4. I should stay out of the water, there could be people!!

  5. BoyScoutTF2 // March 26, 2021 at 2:32 am // Reply

    Should have brought my fishing pole

  6. I think I’m swimming!

  7. this is what it is like sharkbording

  8. bored in school // March 17, 2021 at 12:59 pm // Reply


  9. People won’t expect me from here mwa ha ha

  10. CookieTruth101 // March 12, 2021 at 6:04 pm // Reply

    sharknado aftermath

  11. hmm how am i doing this again?

  12. Just another day on the Shark River

  13. notmyrealname // February 26, 2021 at 10:11 am // Reply

    Does this make other sharks look stupid?

  14. AVENTADORKING10 // February 25, 2021 at 10:37 am // Reply

    sharkadise eden

  15. Hope I don’t run into any… p e o p l e 😬

  16. Humans SHARK
    shark man I.really wanted te eat ’em and surprise them off gaurd

  17. Well. This is fun.

  18. You know brah, Ariel is my role model. She just started walkin on streets you know. That’s my ambition.

  19. Your_Local_Shark // February 15, 2021 at 1:32 pm // Reply

    Just because I’m a shark does not mean that I have to swim, my idea might make it easier to catch food off guard

  20. me the cool guy // February 8, 2021 at 12:03 pm // Reply

    hmm. when will the other sharks learn how to do this?
    other sharks: CHOKE AAHHH COUGH CHOKE

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