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How To Make a ‘Pack-out Kit’ for Carrying Human Waste

Human waste doesn’t always decompose easily in some environments, like deserts, caves and glaciers. To reduce your impact on these places, pack out everything instead of digging catholes to bury your waste.

Packing out waste requires preparation. You can make or buy a pack-out kit. To make one, here’s what you’ll need:

  • A large self-sealing plastic bag
  • One paper bag
  • One-quarter cup of cat litter

Put the cat litter in the paper bag, fold it closed and place the bag inside the plastic bag. You will need at least one kit per day in the backcountry in these environments. After you do your business in one of the kits, seal it up — along with any used toilet paper — and toss it in a sturdy plastic trash bag. The cat litter should help minimize the odor.

Women can pack out used tampons or pads in a designated plastic bag with a zipper or a water bottle labeled as trash. Be Prepared by bringing a few extra menstrual products on your outing.

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