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Preventing and treating blisters

boots-200x148Q. I'm going to the 2013 National Scout Jamboree, and I've been told that there's tons of hiking. That might be a problem because my feet sweat a lot and give me blisters. Any suggestions for preventing and treating this?

Preventing and treating rattlesnake bites

snake-200x148Most snake bites occur in the summer months when both snakes and humans are most active outdoors, with the greatest number of venomous bites occurring in southern and western states with warmer climates. Here's how to prevent and treat a snake bite.

How to avoid frostbite

front-pic1.jpgFrozen flesh won't kill you right away -- but the pain might make you wish you were dead. Know the symptoms and how to treat them.

Basic First Aid Treatments for the Trail

No matter how well-prepared you are, injuries can strike anywhere on the trail. Know what to do when they strike. The next time you see one of these five common problems, you can spring into action.