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5 Things to do with your Cub Scouts on Memorial Day

For most of us, Memorial Day is the big kick-off for summer. In our families we often make plans go to the beach, or head out on a hike. But more than firing up the grill or watching a movie, Memorial Day is really so much more. Amid the fun family activities you might have planned for this holiday weekend, take a moment to teach to your Cub Scouts (and to remember yourself) that Memorial Day is a day where we formally remember those who have served our country. For a little history on the holiday, TIME for Kids has a great article on what Memorial Day is all about. And the National Parks Foundation put together this fun list of 15 things you can do to celebrate Memorial Day, as well. As you finalize your plans for the 3-day weekend, here are some of our ideas on what you can do to honor those who have served in a way that exemplifies the Scouting values of reverence, honor, respect and patriotism.

Visit a Monument or Cemetery

A great “go-see-it” or a fun detour if you are traveling, is to make your way to a national monument, memorial or military cemetery. Many will have events going on that you might be lucky enough to take part in as well. Local cemeteries will often be lovely places filled with those celebrating the holiday and honoring those who have served and died. Many towns have smaller war memorials and other monuments that might be fun to discover as well. Do some research and head outside!

Attend a Memorial Day Event.


Check your city’s calendar for parades, tributes or other Memorial Day events that may be going on in your neck of the woods.  Some places even set up bandstands with a military-style brass band and shoot off fireworks in the evening.

Remember Your Own Loved Ones

If one thing is true, it’s that many of us in the Scouting community are deeply connected to those who serve our country. If you have family members who have served our nation, make them proud by honoring them in a personal and meaningful way on Monday.

Take Part in the National Moment of Rememberence

memorial-day-california Did you know Congress has declared an official National Moment of Remembrance on Memorial Day? At 3:00 PM, a time when many of us are in the middle of our holiday revelry, all Americans are asked to stop and hold a moment of silence for one minute to remember our nation’s heroes.

Hoist up Old Glory!

If it isn’t obvious, Memorial Day is a great day to fly your flag, and raise up the red, white and blue! It’s a national holiday honoring those who served our country, and it’s an opportunity to show that pride by flying our emblem of freedom, the flag of the United States. We hope you have a wonderful holiday weekend.