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5 Crafty Cub Scout Gift Ideas for Mother’s Day

Whether or not your little Cub Scout is already prepared for Mother’s Day with a gift he made at Den meeting or at school, we have a different twist. Here are five fun projects, ones that could turn into a gift for sure, but that also would be fun to do together this weekend to show those moms, grandmas, aunts and sisters how much they are appreciated. Not only that! Many of these projects do double duty by satisfying advancement requirements, too!

1. Create Garden Stepping Stones

Garden stone Older Cub Scouts might especially be intrigued by this hands-on creative project to create a concrete stepping stone, perfect for any yard or garden. Not to mention, it involves smashing things (safely) with a hammer! What’s not to love! The result is a personalized touch of brilliance for the garden. This is a great project to do with the whole family, as well.

2. Make a Can Lantern

Can Lantern You don’t need to wait until Halloween to shine a little extra light on your porch. This project, featured in Boys’ Life magazine, is a fun way to get creative with an old coffee tin or large food can. Check out the step-by-step, how-to instruction sheet, and dive in!

3. Try Soap Carving

soap carving Soap carving isn’t just a good practice activity for a Cub Scout’s Whittling Chip (although it definitely is great for that!). It can also be turned into a beautiful bathroom decoration soap, handmade by a Cub Scout for that perfect Mother’s Day gift. Plastic or pumpkin carving knives are great, safer alternatives to pairing knives.

4. Bond over Making Jam

jam Here’s a fun and food-educational project where you and your kids can really enjoy the fruit of your labors afterward. It’s an especially great Mother’s Day project where you can take extra jars of your tasty homemade jam to your elderly neighbors, widows, and other mothers you know and care for. Combining gifts, projects and service is what we’d call a Cub Scout Triple Win! Check out this fun blog that breaks down an easy strawberry jam recipe tailored especially for kids!

5. Plant a Herb/Flower Garden

herbs in a can Wait! Don’t turn all those number 10 cans into lanterns just yet! Save some for a fun DIY herb or flower garden. It’s a great way for you and your Cub Scout to get your hands dirty as well as have something decorative AND useful to show for it. When it comes to Mother’s Day, the Scout Mom’s best gift is time together with her kiddos. Hopefully these projects can inspire you to make it a memorable Mother’s Day everyone will enjoy. Do your best!