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Boy Scout Sleeping Outdoors For An Entire Year

We like this kid.

Rudy Hummel, a Minnesota Boy Scout, originally though it would be cool to sleep outdoors every night during the summer.

But that wasn’t enough. When summer was over, he wasn’t finished.

Now he’s trying to sleep outdoors every night for an entire year.

“I’ve always liked setting goals and making them, challenging myself,” Rudy told a local newspaper. “Another part is, I really like sunrises.”

In case you’re wondering: Yes, it gets really cold in Minnesota in the winter. Rudy is currently sleeping in a homemade snow shelter.


Read more about Rudy here.


7 Comments on Boy Scout Sleeping Outdoors For An Entire Year

  1. sound like it is cold out the

  2. More

  3. He can do it! and good luck!

  4. You go, guy! Stay warm and enjoy this experience you will be able to share with others for the rest of your life!

  5. Time to join the Army
    You will be camping 285 days a year.

  6. Way to go, kiddo! Write a book and inspire more kids to challenge themselves,) to do more than just survive outside. We were meant to LIVE outdoors!

  7. Way to go Rudy. Bundle up….from Shakopee, Mn

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