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Grab A Parent And Talk About This Movie

There’s a movie coming out on DVD later this month about the positive effects of Scouting, but be warned: This movie may not be for you.

Troop 491: The Adventures of the Muddy Lions tells the story of Tristan, a naïve adolescent boy coping with life in the inner city. Tristan’s mother enrolls him in the Boy Scouts in an effort to keep him off the streets. When he witnesses a homicide, the local thug demands his silence. Tristan learns, with the help of his new Scout friends, that doing the right thing isn’t always easy.

The movie was written and directed by Patrick Ricks, who grew up as an active Boy Scout. It seems clear the he likes the Boy Scouts, and the BSA is actually using his film to help encourage organizations to sponsor Scout units. However, the movie contains some grownup language and themes. There are bad words and guns, two things your parents might not approve of.

If you’re interested in seeing the film, grab a parent and watch the preview below. You can order a copy of the film here when it becomes available on DVD later this month.


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  1. looks good

  2. Looks like it has good moral about facing the bad of some of modern society.

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