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Three Scouts Save Drowning Victim At Oklahoma Lake

If someone was drowning, would you know what to do?

Thanks goodness these three Scout brothers from Oklahoma knew exactly what to do when they rescued a man at Lake Arcadia.

“They train us for this kind of stuff,” Jonathan Wyckoff, 15,  told an Oklahoma City news station.

The boys’ father heard a man screaming for help in the middle of the lake. Jonathan and his younger brother Robby, 13, grabbed a life jacket and some rope and swam out to the man while their youngest brother Joshua, 10, kept his eyes on the victim.

The boys made it out to the man and gave him the life jacket just in time.

Read more about the boys’ heroics by clicking here.


2 Comments on Three Scouts Save Drowning Victim At Oklahoma Lake

  1. Those boys really knew what to do as scouts. There should be more boys like the scouts in the story. Those boys are real heroes.

  2. Ebayatriceyea // July 20, 2014 at 12:48 pm // Reply

    We are so proud of you Boys god bless you and I know the man and family is too.

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