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Eagle Scout Removes 180 Pounds Of Garbage From Creek

It’s pretty amazing the trash you can find in local waterways. Why anybody would think it’s OK to just dump their trash in a river is beyond us.

Alex Hansen, an Eagle Scout from the Buffalo, New York, area, recently coordinated a project that hauled 180 pounds of trash from Tonawanda Creek. Alex recruited volunteers to help out, and a local nonprofit organization hauled the trash away for free.

“The creek over the years has become really polluted with trash,” Alex told The Batavian online newspaper. “People just throw tires and water heaters and even air conditioners right over the bridges in town.”

Read more about Alex’s project by clicking here.


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  1. I’m Alex’s very proud mom. This was his Eagle project and he’s not an Eagle quite yet. He finished his last required badge and is in the process of getting his board of review scheduled.

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