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OR Show Has Lots Of Cool Stuff For Kids

The Outdoor Retailer show is going on right now in Salt Lake City, Utah. It’s a chance for manufacturers of outdoor-related gear to show off all their latest goodies.

They’ve got all the kinds of serious stuff you’d expect, such as backpacks, hiking boots, clothing and camping equipement. And they’ve also got some things that you could almost call toys. That’s how fun they are.

Take, for example, these flying discs from a company called Pocket Disc. You can fold them up and stuff them in your backpack, then bust them out when you get to your campsite.


And what about these lighted tent stakes from UCO. Sure, practically speaking they help you find your way back to your tent at night, and they reduce the chance of anyone tripping over your wires. But mostly we think they look cool.






















We also were digging these waterproof iPad cases from OverBoard, so you can take your iPad in the water with you when you go swimming or snorkeling.






















And finally, here’s a picture of Boys’ Life senior writer Aaron Derr with a llama. (Don’t even ask.)


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