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What’s Your Favorite Magazine? (Well, duh.)

The good folks over at Adweek are asking readers to vote for their favorite magazine. For us, the choice is obvious.

Under the category of “Hottest Kids/Teen Magazine” you’ll find a little old magazine that you just might have heard of.

(Adweek is a well-respected magazine that publishes stories related to advertising in magazines, TV and the Internet.)

Check out the poll and see what you think.

Remember, choose wisely!


3 Comments on What’s Your Favorite Magazine? (Well, duh.)

  1. As of September 29th, Boy’s Life is in first place. Congratulations Boy’s Life!

  2. Lancealicious😱 // September 26, 2014 at 6:09 pm // Reply

    The go green magazine is the best

  3. I like the new one with the BMW M3 hybrid .

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