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Send Us Photos of Your Patrol or Den Flag

Dragon Patrol

When you join a Scouts BSA troop or Cub Scout pack, you are assigned to a patrol or den. This “patrol method” helps you make friends, develop leadership and teamwork skills, and share in the success of your group.

To build camaraderie, especially in a Scouts BSA troop, you will come up with a patrol name, yell and flag. How do you come up with something good?

You can get creative with a fun name like the “Radioactive Guinea Pigs” or the “Wizard Lizards.” Or come up with something that describes you and your fellow Scouts. If you all love nature, name your patrol after an animal or plant. Love to cook? Name yourselves after your favorite food. The choice is yours. If you need help, look through patrol patches at the Scout Shop.

Make a patrol flag to carry at troop meetings and on campouts. It can be a simple piece of canvas that you draw on, or you can sew a unique design that matches the patrol emblem you wear on your uniform.

Patrols have yells, too. If your patrol is named for an animal, you can use that animal’s sound. Or come up with a yell that’s just as creative as the wacky name you chose.

Have fun and be proud of your patrol.


Every year, Scouts design thousands of awesome and creative flags for their patrols, dens, troops and packs. Some are funny and others are works of art, but all represent the fun and spirit of Scouting.

We want to see your amazing flag creations and share them with the world.

Just use the form below to send us a photo of your patrol or den flag. After we review it, we’ll post it here so everyone can see it.

Submit Your Photo

Important Note: Please only upload photos of your flag. Because of privacy rules, we can’t post any photos that show people’s faces. Always ask for your parent’s permission before uploading anything to a website.