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Scout’s Movie Tells Story of First-Ever Scout Camp

Blake Cortright, a Boy Scout from Latham, N.Y., has written, directed and produced a fascinating documentary film about what is believed to be the first-ever Boy Scout camp in America.

Blake got the idea when he was a sophomore in high school and his troop visited a camp called Silver Bay in the Adirondack Mountains area of New York state. Historians say that Silver Bay was the site of the first Scout camp in this country.

Blake watched a presentation of the early days of Scouting in that area, and the idea for the movie was born.

The film has aired on public television stations in the Latham area. You can check out a clip from the film here. Read more about the film and its 16-year-old Eagle Scout producer, and purchase a copy of the DVD here. You can also read more about the documentary on this Facebook page.

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  1. Great video! Saw it with Scout troop. Excellent documentary on the history of the BSA, and how it all started!

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