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Troop 175’s Unique Challenge

Boy Scout Troop 175 in Simsbury, Conn., participates each year in an 18-hour exercise that tests the Scouts both mentally and physically.

They call it “Mission Profile,” and the theme of the most recent event was “Breaking Dawn.” For this challenge, the Scouts were presented with a fictional scenario involving a terrorist group infiltrating U.S. soil. The Scouts were given a list of puzzles to solve and challenges to meet in order to prevent this fictitious attack.

The troop split up into teams of four and competed to see who could complete the entire list of obstacles first. The challenges included orienteering in the dark, building a bridge using pioneering skills, building a tower, building a dam, conducting a mock rescue of an injured Scout, following a treasure map, cooking meals and setting up secret camps.

Sounds like a fun and engaging way to practice your Scouting skills while bonding with your troopmates and having a blast in the process.

For more photos of Troop 175 in action, click here.

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  1. wish we could do something like that

  2. I wish our troop could do something like that.

  3. Karate kid // March 22, 2011 at 5:47 pm // Reply

    sounds FUN

  4. awsome!:)

  5. starwars1575 // March 13, 2011 at 4:15 pm // Reply

    Sounds fun.

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