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These Cub Scouts Have Not Lost Their Marbles

Cub Scouts from Mentor, Ohio, recently had the chance to earn their Marbles Sports Belt Loop and Marbles Sports Pin through their local library.

The Calling All Cub Scouts program at the Mentor Public Library gives Cub Scouts a cool and convenient opportunity to earn their favorite loops and pins. Last month, it was all about marbles.

“I was surprised at how many players could play marbles at the same time,” said Webelos Scout Joey O’Brien of Mentor Pack 388. “I like the bowling technique the best because it is easier to get marbles that way.”

About 50 Cub Scouts participated in a marbles tournament at the library. When your parents were young, they probably played marbles. Watch the video below for a taste of this fun game.

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  1. What a wonderful idea Mentor Library!!!!! The pictures are wonderful. The looks of happiness and accomplishent on the scouts faces are priceless.

  2. Scout Leader // May 12, 2011 at 11:05 am // Reply

    What a great service the Mentor, OH library offers to their local scouts. This is a wonderful tool to bring scouts into such a great educational environment while providing options for the leaders. I wonder what other types of programs the library offers and if other libraries have offered similar events as well. Keep up the great work Mentor Library!

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