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2012 Eagle Scouts Get Special Badge

If you earn your Eagle Scout rank in 2012, you’ll get a special commemorative rank patch.

2012 is the 100th anniversary of the first-ever Eagle Scout, a young man named Arthur Eldred who earned his Eagle in 1912. So, if you earn your Eagle during the 100th anniversary year, you’ll get a patch that no Eagle before or after you will ever earn.

The special-edition patch will be available at Scout shops after the first of the year.

Remember: Planning and executing an Eagle project takes time. Start working on yours now!

20 Comments on 2012 Eagle Scouts Get Special Badge

  1. I am getting mine this week so hoping to get this cool patch. Can not wait till I can get it.

  2. Our son just became an Eagle last nite… proud!

  3. Just earned my eagle last night congrats to all young men who earn this you are the few and the proud i am proud to call myself an eagle and an awesome patch i get to wear congrats to all who have made it this far!!!!!!!

  4. i actually wanted to get my eagle in 2010 before i went to jambo in order to get the 2010 patch. thank god i waited. i did become an eagle last month.

  5. I completed my eagle review and earned it on August 21 2012, the 100th anniversary to the day that the first eagle scout earned his.

  6. me, the scoutmaster // June 14, 2012 at 12:30 pm // Reply

    my youngest son made eagle in October – another boy in the troop last month, and TWO brothers just made it this tuesday night!! On my way to pick up their badges for our town’s Freedom festival this weekend!! AM I PROUD OF THESE BOYS OR WHAT??? Before this year, our troop had 3 eagles in 62 years – the 100th anniv. patch is just more icing on the cake!!!

  7. I’m getting mine hopefully today, my board of view is scheduled today pretty nervous!

  8. You can still support your local scout shop, and get one. I went in today to check it out. Im an Eagle from 2009, bought a 2012 patch pretty cool.

    • Earned my Eagle Rank on 5 Jan. However, I got the standard patch. I guess I got to go to the local scout shop and pick up one of the centennial patches. 🙂

  9. My oldest got the 2010 badge and my youngest will get 2012 pretty cool

  10. My son had his Board of Review last night. He’s excited about earning the special patch. Congrats to all young men who earn this award.

  11. This is pretty cool, and I hope a LOT of you Scouts earn it!!! I’m a little disappointed that it’s too late for me to get it, but I’ll still be pretty proud of the one I earned in 1965. 🙂

  12. I just got my Eagle rank this February. All of my Eagle friends were jealous that I will get a limited edition patch.

  13. My son turns 18 in July and has been planning on making 2012 his year. He has a handful of Eagle requireds that are mostly done. He is going to love this, when he hears about it.

  14. I’m one of those procrastinators also but it looks like it is paying off for the first time. lol

  15. Well seeing I plan in completing everything for eagle in 2012 I’m glad I waited

  16. HaHa Nice. I’ve have my project and requirements done since august but ive been procrastinating finishing it. Looks like it payed off. Ill just wait until 2012 to finish.

  17. i think thats awesome… im planning on getting my eagle scout rank in 2012!

  18. Wow!!!!!!!!!!!! This is really cool.

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