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Eagles: From Start to Finish

According to the BSA’s Eagle Scout fact sheet, only five percent of Boy Scouts across the country in 2010 earned their Eagle.

Don’t tell those odds to six Scouts from the Pine Island District, South Florida Council, where six — count ’em, six — kids, each of whom joined Scouting together as Tiger Cubs, have all earned their Eagle rank.

The Scouts — Tyler Drake, Brad Harris, Nicholas Bauer, Bret McAlpin, Derek Duncan and Ryan Bessemer — from Troop 406 in Davie, Fla., say they all agreed at a young age that they would go for their Eagles. Amazingly, each one of them made it.

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  1. Awesomeness // April 2, 2012 at 7:37 pm // Reply

    Wow me and my friends made an agreement to make eagle.

  2. thats great I had 4 that just crossed over all with arrow of light and heavy shoulder. three were tigers I am pretty sure 2 will Eagle, one more then likely if his older brother keeps going, and the 4th not sure.

  3. That’s a long time! I’m going to try for my eagle scout to, but i started at bear.

  4. good job

  5. how nice!! we always see negative stories about todays kids. here is a good one. the parents must be proud as well as the scout leader. it takes a lot of effort to do what these SUPER SIX did. gongrats!!!

  6. I love eagles

  7. I am proud of all my Eagles!

    Great job guys!!

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