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Twin Scouts Save Dad’s Life

In 2010, Bryce and Bryant Nuevert were Cub Scouts in Pack 198 in California. Over their Christmas break that year, the boys’ Scout skills were put to the test.

They were in Costa Rica with their father when, at 3 a.m., their dad suffered a heart attack. Thanks at least in part to the stories they’d read in Boys’ Life, the boys knew what to do.

Bryant immediately grabbed some blankets and treated their dad for shock. With no working phone in the house, Bryce ran outside and asked for help from a security guard.

It took two hours for an ambulance to arrive, and once it did, it arrived only with a driver — there was no one to attend to the Nueverts’ father. So the boys stayed with their dad, caring for him until they arrived a local care center.

But the ordeal wasn’t over. The first doctor they saw misdiagnosed the father and told him to go back home. It wasn’t until the next day that a cardiologist’s tests revealed the heart attack.

Their father made a full recovery, and both boys received a BSA Heroism Award for their actions.

Click here to read more about Bryce and Bryant and how they credit Boys’ Life for giving them the skills to help their dad.

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