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132 Merit Badges

Curry McWilliams, an Eagle Scout from Troop 133 in Kansas City, Kan., has finished his Boy Scout “career” with 132 badges.

Though the BSA doesn’t officially encourage collecting so many badges, nor does it keep track of the number of Scouts who earn so many, we’re all certainly impressed whenever one comes along.

Read more about Curry in this article.

7 Comments on 132 Merit Badges

  1. this man has only goten half of how many merit badges of how many their are.

    • wearing the sash wrong. Merit badges do not go on the back of the sash, and the sash is meant to rest on the right shoulder only.

    • Merit Badge lover // July 30, 2013 at 10:34 am // Reply

      Next time you put a comment like that online, look up the facts first, 132 is not half the merit badges, it is all, I hope to do the same thing some day

  2. That is a great acheivement but you still have not earned all the merit badges because they are still making new merit badges like the animation merit badge which hasn’t come out yet

    • Yes he has EARNED ALL the merit badges. “IF” they have not come out with the MB’s (i.e. animation) then it is NOT a MB yet. Animation is only a “concept” at this time. They could revoke it and NOT even offer it. So therefore – he has EARNED THEM ALL – Congrats young man. YOU DID A SUPER JOB !!!

  3. WOW! That is amazing!

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