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The Cooking Merit Badge: What’s New, And What’s Not

Changes are coming to the Cooking merit badge. Beginning Jan, 1, 2014, it will be required for the Eagle Scout rank.

What else is new?

• The MyPlate food guide (courtesy of the USDA) replaces the pyramid nutrition model.

• You no longer have to prepare meals on consecutive days, which gives you extra flexibility.

• There’s information on food allergies and cross-contamination awareness.

• There are stats on the daily level of activity and the related caloric need.

• And there are tips on improving your eating habits.

What’s not new?

• You’ll do more menu planning than actual cooking.

• Most of the requirements are similar, including the number of cooked meals and cooking safety issues.

For more information on healthy eating, healthy cooking and a healthy overall lifestyle, check this out.

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