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15 Funny Wolf Jokes and Comics

If you’ve been howling for some side-splitting humor, you’ve come to the right den. We’ve rounded up a howlingly hilarious collection of wolf jokes and fur-ociously funny punchlines that will make you laugh until your tail wags uncontrollably.

Aidan: What is a wolf’s favorite Cub Scout event?
Taylor: What?
Aidan: Pack meetings, of course!
Joke submitted by Aidan T., Mount Airy, Md.

Lizzie: What do you call a wolf in sheep’s clothing?
Alexis: I don’t know. What?
Lizzie: A woolf.
Joke submitted by Alexis A., Margate, Fla.

Justin: What’s the Big Bad Wolf’s favorite breakfast?
Paul: Beats me!
Justin: Pigs in a blanket.
Joke submitted by Justin J., Richardson, Tex.

Comic by Scott Nickel

Nathan: Why couldn’t the wolf run in the marathon?
Tim: I don’t know.
Nathan: He wasn’t a part of the human race!
Joke submitted by Nathan H., Springfield, Va.

Emma: Look! A wolf!
Charlotte: Where?
Emma: No. Just the regular kind.
Joke submitted by Emma S., Oklahoma City, Okla.

Tom Swiftie: “It’s a wolf!” Tom howled.
Joke submitted by Quinn S., Germantown, Wis.

Tanweer: What happened to the wolf when it ate a clock?
Casper: I don’t know.
Tanweer: It got ticks!
Joke submitted by Tanweer G., Tampa, Fla.

Henry: What do you call a wolf that notices everything?
Mike: What?
Henry: Awarewolf.
Joke submitted by Henry N., Austin, Texas

A book never written: “Young Werewolves” by Harry Kidd.
Joke submitted by Ben S., Hanford, Calif.

Ashley: What did the Big Bad Wolf do after his workout?
Tony: Not sure.
Ashley: He huffed and puffed.
Joke submitted by Ashley O., Phoenix, Ariz.

Noah: Knock, knock!
Jonah: Who’s there?
Noah: Howl.
Jonah: Howl, who?
Noah: Howl you know unless you open the door?
Joke submitted by Noah B., Waukee, Iowa

Logan: Why are a wolf and a marine biologist so similar?
Addie: I don’t know.
Logan: One wags a tail while the other tags a whale.
Joke submitted by Logan B., Tacoma, Wash.

Kyle: What’s the difference between a wolf and a flea?
Josh: Beats me.
Kyle: One howls on the prairie; the other prowls on the hairy.
Joke submitted by Kyle K., Vassar, Mich.

Carolyn: Why did the wolf cross the road?
Megan: To get to the other side?
Carolyn: No, it was chasing the chicken.
Joke submitted by Carolyn S., Quincy, Mass.

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