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Hail to the Victorino!


The rank of Eagle Scout isn’t the only pinnacle Shane Victorino has reached. The speedy Philadelphia Phillies center fielder has been to the World Series the past two Octobers (winning a title in 2008), played for the USA in the second-ever World Baseball Classic in 2009, has won two consecutive Gold Gloves and led the majors in triples last year with 13. Whew!

Boys’ Life: What did you like most about Scouts?
S.V.: “Hanging out with friends. Camping. There were nights, though, when we were sleeping on the ground, eating not-great meals, thinking, ‘What am I doing here?’ But it taught you survival skills. I was lucky, growing up in Hawaii, so there weren’t zero-degree camp-outs.”

BL: Did you aim for Eagle Scout from the start?
S.V.: “When you first start, you want to get there because it’s the ultimate. But then it just kind of happens; suddenly you’re in a place that not too many people have been.”

BL: Is playing in the World Series a pressure cooker or fun?
S.V.: “Fun. In ’08, all through the playoffs, I kept saying to Matt Stairs, it feels like a regular game. And then Day One of the World Series, he says, ‘Are you nervous yet?’ And I wasn’t. It’s what you dream of as a kid, and that realization helps keep you focused.”

BL: What did you like about playing in the World Baseball Classic?
S.V.: “Seeing how different countries approached the game. I loved pulling on the USA jersey and representing America, but seeing the love and passion different countries had for baseball was incredible.”

BL: What did you take away from Scouts that still helps you as an adult?
S.V.: “Not only leadership skills but the structure that I had all come into play. Structure has helped with everything I do. And, honestly, the motto: Be Prepared. You always have to prepare yourself no matter what’s coming, no matter what you’re doing.”

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