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How to Carve an Amazing Snow Sculpture

Snow carving combines many different Scouting skills, including cold-weather survival, teamwork and helping others, according to Eagle Scout Cary Retlin. Retlin competes on Team USA in international snow carving competitions. Here are some of his tips to get started with snow carving.


1. Choose a large garbage can or box for your form.

2. Dump a few inches of snow in the form, stomp it down and repeat until the form is full.

3. Flip the form over, let it sit overnight and then remove the form.

4. Draw your design on the snow with a permanent marker. (Its alcohol-based ink won’t freeze.)

5. Use tools from around house and garage to carve your sculpture. Sandpaper and ice- and paint-scrapers work great.


For 22 years, snow-sculpting teams from around the world have traveled to Breckenridge, Colo., to compete in the International Snow Sculpture Championships. Take a look at some of their work in the photos below:

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  1. Who wrote this? Permanent marker??? That’s a huge fail

  2. That is awesome

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