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Learn Morse Code With This Morse Translator and Decoder

morse code translator chart for translating from the alphabet to morse code

Learning Morse code can be a fun and rewarding experience. It may seem daunting at first, but with practice, anyone can learn to interpret and transmit messages with dots and dashes.

Use this helpful tool to translate between Morse code and text. To begin, please enter words or Morse in the Input box and press Translate.


How to translate Morse to text:

  • Enter Morse dashes or dots into the input box using period (.) and minus sign (-)
  • Morse letters must be separated by 1 space
  • Morse words must be separated by 3 or more spaces
  • You can use / to separate Morse words. There must be at least 1 space before and after each separator used

How to translate text to Morse code:

  • Enter text into input box
  • Characters that cannot be translated into Morse will be ignored
  • If both Morse and text is entered, the converter will assume Morse mode

The Morse Generator and Translator is based on code developed by Kurt Grigg.


Morse code is a method of communicating with a series of sounds or lights that can be understood only by someone who knows the code.

Each Morse symbol represents either a letter or number and is represented by a unique sequence of dots and dashes. The duration of a dash is three times the duration of a dot.

Samuel F.B. Morse invented a code that was used to send messages over electric telegraphs in the 1830s. The SOS distress signal — three dots, three dashes, three dots — proved to be a simple way to communicate in an emergency.

With the invention of the telephone (and, later, two-way radios and cellphones), Morse is nowadays used mostly just for fun by amateur radio operators. Certain amateur radio bands are still reserved for Morse code use.

Are you interested and codes and ciphers? Find out how to make a secret-code wheel or invisible ink on


One of the best ways to start learning Morse is to use an online translator like the one on this page. These tools give you the chance to practice and test your abilities.

A chart like this one can also help you learn Morse code by visualizing the dots and dashes on the letters of the alphabet:

mnemonics chart to help learn morse

A great way to practice is by listening to Morse transmissions on the radio. Many amateur radio operators still use Morse, and you can tune in to their transmissions and try to interpret the messages. You can also join a amateur radio club or group to practice with other enthusiasts.

Learning Morse may seem like an outdated skill, but it can be a fun and rewarding hobby. It can also be useful in emergency situations when other forms of communication are unavailable. With a bit of practice and dedication, anyone can become proficient and enjoy the thrill of transmitting and receiving messages in this classic code.

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    I like this because it helps me to do it much easy now itś fun.

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  9. I like this game. It’s a really easy tool to work with. Stop being so negative about it! This must have taken a long time to do. Thank you to the creator of this!

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