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More Scouts in Action

Every month, Scout Life features true stories of bravery, preparedness and service in “Scouts in Action” and “More S.I.A.” Here’s the latest “More Scouts in Action” comic from the August 2024 issue. Click here to check out the “Scouts in Action” comics.

Text and art by Grant Miehm

“Scouts in Action” subjects come from the National BSA Court of Honor. If you know of an act of heroism that should be recognized, contact your local BSA council office for a lifesaving or meritorious award application. Click here for details.

Behind the scenes of S.I.A.

Take a fun look at the way Scout Life creates its Scouts in Action comics in this video.


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  1. please keep this up. It is wonderful. Eagle Scout 1963

  2. Love these stories,but please post them so you can see them clearly to read. Thank you.

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