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Fix a torn stuff sack

Q. I’m having problems with the stuff sack that holds my backpacking tent. It’s wearing out on the bottom, and I was wondering what would fix it.
— Samuel Stuffsack, Troop 535, Monroe, Ga.

A. Well, at least it’s your stuff sack that’s falling apart and not your tent. You’re smart to repair that bag now, or your tent will be the next thing wearing out. The answer is pretty easy. Here is a super-easy fabric fix provided by my friend Chris Dickey, a mountaineer and Eagle Scout from Jackson Hole, Wyo.


Here is the secret to fixing just about anything made of fabric. You’ll need:

— one tube of Seam Grip ($7;

— one fabric patch

— duct tape

Apply a piece of duct tape to the backside of the fabric tear. On the outer-facing side, apply a thin layer of Seam Grip (careful, this is sticky stuff). Next, place the fabric patch over the top of the Seam Grip. Before it dries, give it a gentle press and wipe away any residue. Give the patch about 20 minutes to dry, and you’ll have a bomber-tough waterproof fix.

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  1. By the time you buy duct tape and seam sealer you might as well buy a new tent bag. They usually cost about $8.00-12.00 depending on the size. Old folding chair bags work very well too.

  2. um thats a little dangerous don’t you think just a little cuz’ dry rice in the microwave is not a good idea. :\

  3. Ducktape the inside and outside

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