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Waterproof clothing for the snow

Q. Hey Gear Guy, I went to a cabin in the snow a few weeks ago with my Scout troop. I wore my snow jacket and pants but I still got soaked. Can you recommend good waterproof clothing for the snow?
— Soggy Seth, Long Beach, Calif.

A. Depending on your budget, there are a few things I can recommend.

LOW BUDGET: Make the snow jacket and pants that you already own more waterproof with a spray-on waterproofer like ReviveX Spray-on Water Repellant for Outerwear ($8; or 3M Scotchgard ($11;

MID-RANGE: The best waterproof clothing for snow is that made with a waterproof/breathable membrane that repels water—and snow—to keep you dry but also lets your sweat escape so you don’t get wet from the inside either. Lots of companies have their own house brand waterproof/breathable tech like Columbia’s Omnitech, which is used in their Watertight Jacket and Silver Ridge Rain Pant ($71 jacket and $41 pant; Both are lightweight and though you’ll have to wear some insulation layers underneath, they should keep you dry. Make sure you buy a size large enough to accommodate layering.

HIGH-ROLLER: If you can afford it, look for the words Gore-Tex or eVent when shopping for jackets and pants—they are the premier waterproof/breathable fabrics and are generally more breathable and durable than the house brands. While not cheap, one of my favorites is the REI Shuksan jacket and pants ($300 jacket and $239 pants; made with eVent.

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  1. i have waterproof snow pants and i wear long socks

  2. Thanks for the advice will be going to big white for a ski trip this winter.

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