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How to repair rubber rain boots

shoegoo-200x148My favorite rubber rain boots have a hole in the side. Now they aren’t dry at all. They weren’t really expensive, but I don’t want to get new ones. How can I repair my boot? Please help.
— Wet Wade, Portland, Maine

I like it when guys decide to learn how to repair their gear rather than just throw it out.

First off, get a tube of Shoe Goo, which you can find in many stores like Walmart or the local drugstore. Make sure the boot’s surface is clean where the hole is and put a piece of duct tape on the inside of your boot in that same spot. Apply a small glob of Shoe Goo to the outside of the hole and let it fill it in. Be sure to remove the tape on the inside after about an hour or so or it’ll become stuck to the Shoe Goo repair site forever!

You can even make your repair look professional by using an ice cube to smooth out the Goo before it dries. Then just let the Shoe Goo cure for 24 hours, and your boots should be bone-dry once again.

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8 Comments on How to repair rubber rain boots

  1. ShoeGoo didn’t work for me either. It discoloured and peeled in no time. Anyone try this Aquaseal SR? Sounds like the same old to me.

  2. Try using “urethane”. It is a very strong, rubber like adhesive. That is the stuff used to hold windshields in vehicles.

  3. Silicone sealant lasted only a few days. Shoe Goo lasted a few days. Currently I am researching Sugru, Stormsure, Aquaseal, and simply heating up the rubber so liquifies back together.

  4. shoe goo does NOT always work-it isn;t strong and a lot of times it won;t stick

    you might try silicone based aquarium sealer

    though it is not strong enough for sole or heel


  5. use China glue for rubber boats

  6. Just use a tire repair patch works great

  7. GavvyLife Scout // July 3, 2015 at 2:11 am // Reply

    I tried usiing Shoe Goo on my Tingley Neoprene rubbers, with duct tape as suggested above. Unfortunately, the Shoe Goo didn’t bond. Any other suggestions?

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