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Stuff We Like: UCO StakeLight

stakelight-200If you’ve ever tripped over the guy lines of your tent in the dark, or gotten a little turned around on your way back to your tent after a midnight trip to the bathroom, then you know exactly why the StakeLight ($6, is so cool. Think of it as a little front-porch light for your tent.

Attached to a durable, lightweight aluminum tent stake, this water-resistant LED light runs off a single AAA battery and throws up to 17 lumens of light, plenty to light your way or even be handy when setting up your tent in the dark.

You can set it to the flashing strobe mode (it’ll run 24 hours on one battery) to illuminate the location of your tent or in case you’re having a disco party!

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2 Comments on Stuff We Like: UCO StakeLight

  1. Not useful as a stake; can only bury it half way before the light is underground. A solar garden light is better.

  2. so cool it is very helpfull.

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