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Quality polarized sunglasses at a good price


Q. I’m looking for quality polarized sunglasses at a good price. Do you know of any?
— Squinty David, Manassas, Virginia

That’s a tall order, Squinty. But I’ve got you covered. The most affordable polarized sports sunglasses I know of are made by Peppers Polarized Eyewear (). Most of their shades start around $30, like the Zipline, and stick in the under-$50 range, and you can usually find even cheaper prices online or in local stores. They have received good ratings from users, and my personal experience testing other Peppers models has been positive.

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4 Comments on Quality polarized sunglasses at a good price

  1. I would like to win these sunglasses for my upcoming camping trip!

  2. thats cool!!

  3. I bought a great pair on Amazon recently. They have a lot of different styles and lens color options that are available at a great price. You can filter by customer rating, so make sure they are 4 stars and above to ensure you’re getting a good pair.

  4. 30 dollars is still expensive! Maybe 12 dollars is a good price.

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