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Looking for the Best Portable Speakers on the Market


What are the best portable speakers on the market?
– Adam Audiophile, Conway, South Carolina

When it comes to portable speakers, choose one featuring:

  1. Clear, loud sound
  2. Bluetooth capabilities that let you transmit music wirelessly from your cellphone to the speaker
  3. Rugged and water-resistant casing

My favorite is the Habanero UE Roll 2 ($99.99). It’s light and has a big, rich and clear sound. It’s surprisingly loud, too. The waterproof casing comes with a handy bungee for strapping it to your bike and more. Enjoy up to nine hours of playback with each charge.

Another option is the Outdoor Tech Turtle Shell 2.0 Bluetooth Speaker ($79.95). Though not as rich-sounding as the UE Roll, this speaker still has good sound and is very durable. It’s about 2 inches thick, and you can expect about 16 hours of playback from each charge.

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  1. I’m looking for an EXCELLENT portable, one-piece speaker to use singing, accompanied by my MacBook Pro/iTunes, for church groups of 50-75. Currently I use a JVC Kaboom boom box. I’d like something a little louder. Bluetooth is desirable. Want excellent bass, mainly, to compensate for the lack of it on my music composition program Sibelius, which I use for accompaniment. It doesn’t do wonderfully in the bass dept. Need inputs for computer and microphone. Thanks. Tom in Texas

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