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Warm gloves on a budget

Q. Yo Gear Guy, I’m about to go on a winter camp-out and I need some good warm gloves but my budget is just $15. What could I do?
— Chilly Gomez, Bellevue, Neb.

A. A winter camp-out in Nebraska sounds like a brisk event indeed. Brrrrrrrrr! I can see why you’ll need some warm gloves. Okay, $15 is a tight budget, but there are plenty of options. My suggestion is to see if there’s a local military surplus store near your town. If there is, take a look and see what you can find there for cheap. I recommend buy a pair of fleece or wool liner gloves plus an outer shell glove made of nylon or some other water-resistant material. If you don’t have a local surplus store, try the online military surplus e-tailers like,, and others. Also keep an eye on the outdoor sports outlet sites like:,, and Good luck, and stay warm.

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  1. the north face montana glove.

  2. Try a 5-6 dollar pair at Walmart and than buy handwarmers and stick tose in your gloves. 12-18 packs should be enough for the weekend. They won’t last more than a pair for 8 hours but their way worth it. You can also use light gloves and than put heavy gloves, like work gloves over them.

  3. there are pleanty of military surplus store in nebraska one of the best is canfields in omaha they also have a boy scout department

  4. Mr. Crankypants // January 15, 2011 at 1:03 pm // Reply

    Also check a farm supply store or building supply place. I found a pair yesterday at a local version of a home depot for $2.99.

  5. I agree with gear guy about the sports stores. Go with mittens. Check the hunting section. Mittens keep ypur hans warmer by letting the fingers share warmth. Mittens ar less bulky and you can get them in a pull-back design. The Mitten can pull back from a 3/4 finger so you can pick things up. Some have pockets for hand warmers.

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