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Repair leaky rain pants

Q. My rain pants are leaking because there is a hole on the inside of the leg on the seam. I want to be thrifty because I am a Boy Scout. I would like your advice as to how to repair them. If I am not able to fix them, what should I pay for a new pair?
— Leaky Zach, Portland, Ore.

A. What’s up, Leaky Pants? Oh sorry, that didn’t come out right. Anyway, thanks for the question. Here’s your answer: Get out the old needle and thread and do the best sewing job you can on that seam. Maybe get an adult to help if you need it. Now, here’s the part that should cure your leaking. Get a hold of some McNett Seam Grip ($7; Turn your pants inside out and apply a thin layer of Seam Grip to the repair spot. Spread the stuff a quarter inch around the repair and let it dry flat overnight. That should make the seam waterproof again.

If they’re beyond repair, expect to spend a minimum of $30-$50 for a new pair of rain pants. Products in this entry-level category will likely be coated in polyurethane for waterproofing but won’t be all that breathable or especially durable. You’ll have to spend twice as much or more for a pair that will be more durable and breathe well enough for highly aerobic activities where you’ll be sweating a lot. Hope this helps. Stay dry!

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  1. Why not just use Duct tape. When My rain jacket tore(it was really bad) I just used Duct tape and it worked.

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