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Stuff We Like: LED Lenser H7

If you follow the Gear Guy, then you know I LOVE headlamps. They’re definitely one of the handiest things you can carry in your pack. And I’ve really been digging a new one I’ve been testing called the LED Lenser H7 ($60, I just saw it online for $36, and it’s definitely one of the brightest headlamps for the money that I know of.

It’s powered by three AAA batteries, which give you about 60 hours of light on the lowest setting. The H7 has a focusable beam (wide angle or small and tight), but by far my favorite feature is a sliding dimmer switch mounted on the battery pack on the backside of the headstrap. Just move it back and forth, and the light gets brighter or dimmer so you dial in exactly the amount of light you need. That’s a bright idea, if you ask me!

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  1. it is cool.

  2. keep it on the lowest setting

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