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Gear for Ultimate Frisbee?

Q. Hey Gear Guy, I don’t play the traditional sports offered at high schools. I’ve never really been interested in football, basketball or baseball. I prefer the game of Ultimate Frisbee.

The only problem is this: While the other sports that I listed have been around for many years, Ultimate is a fairly recent sport. You can ask practically anyone about what type of gear you need for baseball or football. But nobody knows anything about ultimate. There is no one to tell you what type of shoes to get or what type of disc to use.

Could you please do something on Ultimate Frisbee?
– Jumpin’ John, Kennesaw, Ga.

A. Hey John. Thanks for the note. Ultimate is a really fun game! And it involves lots of elements of other popular team sports like basketball, soccer and football. One of the best parts about Ultimate is that it requires very little gear. All you need to play is a 175-gram plastic flying disc like the Discraft 175 gram Ultra-Star ($10; Beyond that, many guys who are serious about the game wear soccer-style cleats or turf shoes, long soccer-style socks and moisture-wicking shorts and tops like the Under Armour Heat Gear Long Sleeve Compression T-Shirt ($35;, which helps keep your muscles warm and protects your arms when diving for the disc.

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  1. Soccer cleats are good, never get metal cleats for ultimate… 175g disc from discraft, go to amazon 😉

  2. ultiplayer14 // January 15, 2013 at 10:26 pm // Reply

    Never ever buy any discs that says “frisbee” They are made by whamoo, and you will just be the laughing stock of any game or tourney you go to if you show up with a whamoo. Also i wear soccer cleats, sometimes a hat, or bandana if its hot. Under armor is good.

  3. Discraft ultrastar is a world class mold which is used for ultimate. Can’t think of the site off hand for the ultimate players association where you could get more info.

  4. Frisbee makes a disc specifically designed for Ultimate called the “Ultimate”. It’s about 180 -190 grams and large diameter. Very easy to catch and control.

  5. the soccer cleats are a good call, when you wipe out with those sneakers it hurts.

  6. just use regular everyday shoes, and a baseball cap.

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