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Cold weather hats

balaclavaQ. What is the best hat to hold in the heat while hiking in the snow or really cold weather?
— Cold Cranium, Issaquah, Wash.

A. Dear Mr. Cranium, you obviously have your thinking cap screwed on tight because you already know we lose lots of precious body heat through our heads. So, keeping your head covered is key. My favorite winter hat is a balaclava. Weird name, but handy design. A balaclava covers your head like a stocking cap but can also be rolled down to cover your neck. When it’s really cold, it can even be pulled up over your mouth and nose so the only bit exposed to the elements is your eyes.

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  1. Your’s is a point of view where real ingnlliteece shines through.

  2. I use fur mad bomber hats that can fold up

  3. Frigid Zero Weather Camper 889 // August 20, 2009 at 10:18 am // Reply

    Some really good cold weather hats that reduce windchill are the canvas winter hats that are quilted inside of the canvas that also have removable quilted canvas nose protectors from the windchill. Sometimes, they are sold separately from a matching set of quilted canvas coveralls that are used by dairy farmers who are required to travel between the farmhouse and the dairy cow barn every day during the frigid cold winter months.

  4. Thanks, Gear Guy! your advice about cold weather hats helped me on my troop’s recent skiing trip.

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