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5 Awesome Cub Scout Meeting Activities

Your Cub Scouts meetings rock. We all know this. But are you ready to rock … harder? Here’s a list of Cub Scout activities that you can use for den meetings, pack meetings, and pretty much any other Cub Scout get together.

Human Foosball

So awesome, so simple, so perfect.

Team Challenge: Dried Spaghetti

Seriously, how hard could this be? Um, really, really hard.

Tape Ball FTW!

It’s tape. It’s a ball. It’s … tape ball. Substitute other stuff for candy if you’re worried about things getting too amped.

Target Bounce

Here’s the thing: the more simple a game is, the more fun kids usually have. This = easy.


The Easiest Catapult

Technically, just a lever, sure. But give a Cub Scout long enough lever, and they can move the world! Or, y’know, a balled-up piece of paper.

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