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Labview is an amazing development environment and programming language that allows you to quickly build graphical applications that can do just about anything. Labview is used in science, technology, instrumentation, robotics, vision processing, and much, much, more.

Download the free trial and watch the video below to learn how to do the example in the merit badge book in just a few minutes!

Download software: (You’ll need to create an account.)

Cost: Free trial (initially 7 days, can be extended to 52 days with registration)

Instructions to setup software: Run the installer downloaded above. Will take a while.

Hardware requirements: PC, Mac

Operating systems supported: Windows, Mac

Difficulty level: 2 out of 5


With your parent’s permission, download and install the Labview Software, then just watch this video and do what it says. You’ll have the exact example shown in the merit badge book up and running in minutes!


1. Modify the program so the messages trip at different temperatures.

2. Change the messages.

3. Add more levels.

4. Change the numeric indicators on the front panel to graphical meters.


A simple search of the internet will find MANY examples of using Labview — it is a VERY popular programming language and in high demand in industry. Also, check out the following:

Examples in Labview — Labview >> Help >> Find Examples – There’s even a Moon lander game!

Labview Website:

Labview Forums

Getting Started with Labview Student Training

YouTube – there are lots of training videos on YouTube!

Introduction To Labview

Labview 101: Video Instruction for Students

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