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Ladder Logic

Ladder Logic is the language used to program factory controllers which are called Programmable Logic Controllers (or “PLCs” for short).

This example uses an Automation Direct PLC called the “DoMore” to show you how to program a pinewood derby track controller that tells you which car won the race.

Once you see how easy and fun it is to program a PLC, you might want to consider learning about factory automation as a career choice and help keep America’s factories running!

Download software:

Cost: Free

Instructions to setup software: Run the installer downloaded above.

Hardware requirements: PC

Operating systems supported: Windows

Difficulty level: 1 out of 5


With your parent’s permission download and install the DoMore Software (it’s free), then just watch this video and do what it says. You’ll have a two-lane pinewood derby controller up and running on a simulated PLC in minutes!


1. Modify the program to work with 8 lanes.

2. Add a new input signal that tells you when the race starts, then use that to add timers to tell you how long it takes for each car to get to the finish line.

3. Add a new input signal (a button press) which controls motors to automate the start of the race (drops the starting gate).

LEARN MORE –- A one stop shop for all factory automation needs — A professional PLC training site with hundreds of videos. This is normally a fee based site, but the owner is a HUGE Boy Scout fan and provides his training videos to Boy Scouts working on the Programming merit badge for free. Just send them an e-mail to get access. – A free site with lots of training videos on all things automation.

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    WHERE IS SET? I can’t find it!

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  3. Yea my dudes and or dudettes this video was a great help thanks alot

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    I enjoy Ladder Logic. It is very fun.

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