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Day 10: Miranda to Flume Canyon

Burro packing is on our program itinerary today. We’re supposed to get a couple of the four-hooved beasts of burden and load our crew gear on them. But when we get to the Miranda corral, the staff tells us that thunderstorms are predicted for the day (oh, joy). Since burros can be skittish in bad weather, our crew has the option to pass on the burro packing, which we do.

Pedro and pals having breakfast in the corral.

The burros get overly friendly with Charlie.

Christian communes with one of the corral’s horses.

So we’re off, burro-less, down the trail. Along the way, we see other crews with burros.

Do these guys like alfalfa milkshakes and tumbleweed tacos?

Judging from the way some of the crews are wrangling with the stubborn animals, we’re not so sad that we skipped out on them.

We stop for lunch and the program activities at Pueblano camp, the site of the former Continental Tie & Lumber Company.

So the program is—surprise—all lumberjack-related.

The crew gets the Pueblano “porch talk,” in which the staff tells us about the fun stuff offered at the camp.

Before we can dive into the program, those predicted thunderstorms kick in. Fortunately, we can take shelter on the camp porch.

Everybody’s happy to take shelter from the rain, for once.

Our fearless crew leader is reduced to a green blob.

When it finally stops raining, Travis, Kevin, Christian, Trevor and Charlie do a little spar-pole climbing. After detailed instructions and a safety talk, the guys strap on shin guards, spikes, harnesses, ropes and helmets (a.k.a. brain buckets). The mantra is “Spike! Spike! Lock knees! Heave belt!” all the way up the very tall spar pole.

The safety talk before the guys hit the spars.

Travis is all geared up and ready to go.

Christian concentrates on the spar of the moment.

Kevin works it …

Digging those spikes in …

And heaving that belt.

Travis and Charlie have lots of spar power.

Trevor makes his way …

Higher and higher …

To the top!

We head for our campsite at Flume Canyon, where we get hailed on during dinner—that’s the fourth time now. It’s cold and we’re all crammed under our muddy dining fly, but there’s a lot of loud laughter going on. A big part of Philmont is being miserable together but still having fun.

Kendall and Tonie pitch their tent after the storm passes.

Trevor stakes his tent in the mud.

Charlie gets a little overenthusiastic in the sunshine.

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  1. We did spar poles at Crater Lake

  2. Here it is day 10 and Lancealot made a comment that she would cry by day 5. Well she didn’t cry and never did. But I on the other hand did, my dad is 84 years old and was very sick and I had no idea if he was still alive are not. When we came to the overlook on day 6 and saw the beautiful scenery, I thought of him. This was a wonderful place to be with my son, friends and new-made friends, but I knew I’d never be there with my dad. Its not easy to take the time to go to Philmont, but you will never regret it or forget it.

    I thank God my dad is still alive and I was able to make this trip. By the way, the crew got stronger and the girls where great.

  3. Spar-pole climbing looks fun!

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